Extreme gameplay at your fingertips

Adrenaline, real guns, the feeling of gunshots, the recoil of a gun - experience the emotions in a safe environment

Computer games and ASG shooting are fun entertainment, but you can have something more. Enter the world of real, true-to-life emotions that you will experience on your own skin and remember for a long time. All this in safe conditions. If you love extreme adventures – you have no choice but to join the group of 11Bullets enthusiasts. A bachelor party for real tough guys, a company event that your employees will not forget for a long time, a birthday or a stationary network of 11Bulelts facilities – that’s where you will experience an unforgettable adventure with the next generation of VR technology. Test yourself in virtual locations prepared in cooperation with the pros. Are you up for a challenge? Write and book us, and we will come to you and create an event that you are bound to never forget!

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Examples of events that we can organize for you

Unforgettable bachelor party for real tough guys

Are you planning a bachelor party for your best friend who loves games, new technologies and everything extreme? You won’t find anything better. Test yourself on the tracks worthy of special units, feel what it is like to hold a replica of a weapon in your hand and react to extreme situations.

A company event that your employees are bound to remember for a long time

It’s time to take off your jackets, ties and elegant shoes, put on a sensory vest, VR glasses and pick up a replica of a weapon. Test yourself in the most difficult situations and adventures and move through exercise scenarios just like the pros. Your employees will love you for what you have in store for them.

Invite us as an accompanying event - trade fairs, conferences will never be as boring as they used to be

You know the drill – conferences, fairs – boring professional talks, networking,
and suddenly … our stand, emotions, detachment from reality, filling the shoes of a pro, real tracks of special units, entertainment and adrenaline. Spice up your events with a truly male adventure with a weapon in your hand, and your fair or other event will be remembered forever. Or perhaps you are putting together an ASG event or a historical reconstruction? Invite us to your place!

Work with us to create a special event for all those who are after extreme adventures

If you are such a zealot who keeps his ear to the ground, you have proven yourself many times on our tracks and caught the bug, and you have the opportunity to create a dedicated event – you couldn’t find better! Organize something for real tough guys today and polish new skills, compete and learn from the best, let the people around you challenge themselves and feel like a commando!

Invite us today and create an unforgettable event for anyone who wants to feel like the specials

Ditch the boredom, conventional entertainment, and polite stands with games, and invite us to your place – we’ll throw you the ultimate party. Adrenaline, emotions, surprising twists, real replicas of weapons, sensory vests, VR glasses and only the best scenarios, created by professionals and former employees of special units, are at your fingertips. Just one phone call, e-mail, message via our form can turn any boring party into an unforgettable event, help your buddies embrace their specials potential and build amazing experiences that you can forget about if you choose to sit in front of the computer. Invite extreme adventures to your world and have fun with us! Are you in?

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Zorganizuj wydarzenie lub zostań partnerem

Czy widzisz tego typu rozrywkę na swojej imprezie? Czy uważasz, że Twoi pracownicy dobrze się przy tym bawili? Szukasz możliwości przyciągnięcia większej ilości osób na organizowane przez Ciebie targi, konwencję lub imprezę? A może masz wolny lokal lub szukasz nowych możliwości biznesowych? Mamy dla Ciebie ciekawą opcję. Skontaktuj się z nami!