11BULLETS – innovative shooting trainer

The subject of the project is to introduce a VR shooting system used in particular for shooting simulations for training in the uniformed services, for civilian dynamic shooting and e-sports shooting tournaments in virtual reality. The shooting trainer is a set of elements that allows carrying out shooting exercises in a realistic simulation environment using virtual reality technology (VR), a dedicated electronic replica of long and short arms and a sensory vest that gives the feeling of shooting. The solution was created to increase quality and safety standards and reduce costs of training processes of uniformed services, sport shooting ranges, schools and universities. The designed solution does not require a specially equipped training space and is mobile in nature. The technology is covered by patent applications, introduces new beneficial solutions that were not previously available in alternative solutions. APPLICATION NO.: P.432738: E-shooter weapon for VR APPLICATION NO.: P.432736: VR shooting set The technology is owned by the Applicant. The project will include – creation of technical facilities – development and launch of the hardware version of the shooting trainer system – development and launch of the software version of the shooting trainer system – development and implementation of advertising and promotional materials – launch of the trainer on the domestic and foreign markets. The project will be carried out by the initiator’s team, and with the use of external resources in the form of specialized IT companies and tools available on the market – mainly related to marketing activities. The project will be carried out in Lublin. Due to the global nature of the trainer, the impact is global. In the basic version, the solution is available in Polish and English.

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Project value

1 383 885,80 zł

EU funding

999 481,00 zł