We are developing for you - he story of 11Bullets in a nutshell

Q2 1838

– creation of the first VR glasses – the stereoscope

– Creator: Cherles Wheatstone

– intended use: a camera for spatial image viewing

Q3 1964

– Stanisław Lem writes his novel “Summa Technologiae” where he describes a machine which he calls a ‘phantomaton’ – it can create alternative realities almost indistinguishable from the real one – “Summa Technologiae”, like the other books by Lem, has become a kind of bible for game developers and VR reality

Q4 1968

– the creation of Pandora’s Box – the first Polish computer game

– Creator: Marcin Borkowski

– Hardware requirements: ZX Spectrum 48k computer

– The nucleus of our teaser is born here – the first games thatshape our spirit of virtual competition.

Q5 1994

– the first PlayStation console hits the stores

– Creator: Ken Kutaragi

– Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment

– PS console is a breakthrough in the world of games and virtual reality.

It was the dream of every boy. It is the gateway to the world of virtual adventures.

Q5 1999

– the first part of the movie “The Matrix” enters to cinemas

– Creators: Wachowski siblings

– This film revolutionizes our perception of reality and sows new ideas, such as implementing skills straight into the head.

Q6 2005

– the first Śnieżnik training system goes to the Polish army

– modern technology allows for the creation of a huge number of scenarios and actions in various terrain and climatic conditions, and the high-resolution screen allows you to create the impression that the soldier is participating in combat action.

Q7 2020

– the birth of the revolutionary product 11Bullets, which will forever revolutionize the world of male entertainment available to everyone. It combines VR with the experience of special services, modern technology, and the passion of its creators.


Q2 2021

– coordination of events.