Special unit operators share their knowledge

Experienced instructors of special units reveal the secrets of their work

11Bullets is not a computer game, it is a real challenge for all of you who love adventure, competition, and adrenaline in the conditions of the highest realism. These are tracks and scenarios created by people who train special units. Now you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge. Now’s your chance to learn everything important in the profession and translate it into your shooting skills. Taking on the role of a special, you’ll find that everything is important: handling your weapons, quick assessment of the situation, and proper reactions to threats, all in a much safer environment than a shooting range. Learn state-of-the-art technological solutions from real professionals.

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4 types of training at different levels of advancement - interested?

Open training

For anyone looking to get to know the ins and outs of the world of specials and win more. A real treat for all those seeking to learn everything important at 11Bullets. If you love a grand adventure, want to learn the spirit of competition and improve your skills among real enthusiasts – join us today!

Special training

Conducted with a trainer of special units. If your veins are pumping adrenaline instead of blood, you just can’t miss it. It’s the only chance to learn from real professionals who have proven themselves as specials. There’s nothing more to say, you just have to sign up, preferably right away!

Closed training

This is a place for everyone who has already chosen their path and belongs to shooting associations, ASG teams, ActionAir, IPSC and others. Don’t waste your time – check the available dates and learn from the best!

League training

Exclusively for members of the 11Bullets league. You have caught the bug! There is no escape, now you just need to improve, learn, look for new areas to explore. Our top instructors will help you achieve true mastery.

Meet true professionals who have experienced dozens of actions in the field

You already know that nothing can replace the experience and real skills needed on the toughest tracks and in the most advanced scenarios. This is serious business, it is a real (though virtual and safe) fight for life, for victory, for the prizes that await in tournaments. How to become a champion? First: practice, practice, and practice some more. Second: learn from the best. Now you have a unique opportunity to meet people who have had direct contact with what we merely play pretend with. It is thanks to their support, expertise and skills, as well as knowledge of the equipment and requirements imposed on real specials, that our 11Bullets project was created. Now they are stepping onto the scene and teaching you how to be the best. Because only the best survive in real clashes and actions that require the participation of the army and special units. Ready for a decent dose of specialist knowledge straight from the training ground, and all in safe conditions?

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