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11Bullets Team: We know the shooting industry inside out

11Bullets are people who shoot for professional and recreational purposes – always accurately and always for a good purpose. We help train professionals from uniformed services and we develop an innovative entertainment and training model based on extremely realistic weapons and the conditions of their use.

Get to know us better:

We combine virtuality and realism

Sometimes we refer to our shooting training technology by our own word – “virtualism” – because it combines the best of virtual (VR) shooting with the best of real shooting.

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Typical VR does not reflect the realism of the shot. The shooting range does not mirror the realism of the surroundings. Solution: take the environment from VR and the weapons from the shooting range. The results are overpowering.
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An 11Bullets session is a crossfire of emotions for players or individual shooters, and training with incomparable advantages for uniformed and special services.

We combine virtuality and realism

Shooting is our specialization, work, and passion.

We have proven ourselves in this field and have been developing in it for years; now we have transformed it into a refined service that can surprise even experienced experts.

11Bullets is more than a shooter, more than VR, and more than a shooting range. It’s something completely different.

We have moved beyond the scheme with a gun in hand and acquired something that we now want to share with real professionals and shooting enthusiasts
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