A competition worthy of a real man!

Win prizes with the best style

the situation and win. Don’t sit around at home any longer, come with us and conquer the military world. Do you love challenges? You will find plenty of them here! This is entertainment that exceeds anything you have ever known. If you have already tested yourself in games and you’re sick and tired of everything, you are waiting with anticipation for another adrenaline rush – do not waste time, come to us and experience these emotions on your own skin, be like the real specials. You have a choice of four types of tournaments – see what we have in stock for you and hop on board.

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4 types of tournaments with different levels of entertainment - are you in?

with different levels of entertainment - are you in?

For anyone who wants to challenge themselves. Join our open tournament and test yourself in scenarios of various difficulty levels, stay up to date, polish your skills. Join us today, challenge yourself on the most difficult tracks and win attractive prizes!

Special tournaments

This is serious business – the tracks have been specially designed to resemble specials training tracks. You are dealing with tasks, special maps or scenarios designed for professionals. Challenge yourself with us!

Closed tournaments

This is a place for true fans of shooting and extreme entertainment. If you are an enthusiast of amateur shooting, sport shooting, IPSC, ASG, Action Air and other similar shooting – this is the place to go. Come and compete with your kind.

League tournaments

Exclusive events only for members of the 11Bullets league. Competition is your second name, right? Then you’ve come to the right place. Join league tournaments, gain new experience, meet people and test yourself with us. You can also challenge someone to a duel. Are you in?

Locations modeled on the training tracks of special units - test your limits today - join us!

It’s a place of adrenaline, extreme situations and real emotions, gaining new skills worthy of special units’ operators, real tracks and scenarios where you will prove yourself and learn what it means to compete. 11Bullets goes far beyond your perception of entertainment and competition. If you are fascinated by games and the world of special units – here you have a full range of possibilities. You can feel exactly what the specials experience during training. Throw away your backpack, jacket, turn off the TV and computer – it’s a waste of electricity. Visit us to find out what it means to have fun.

Yes, I want to challenge myself, show me the event map! Wchodzę w to!

Organize an event or become a partner

Do you see this kind of entertainment at your event? Do you think your employees had fun doing it? Are you looking for opportunities to attract more people to a fair, convention or event organized by you? Or maybe you have a vacant place or are you looking for new business opportunities? We have an interesting option for you. Contact us!